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Cedar clearing and land clearing require the right equipment. R Cedar has invested in the best equipment available and continuously maintains that equipment to perform at its best.

For every job having the right equipment is essential for fast, efficient and cost-effective operation. But, for jobs like pipeline clearing and pad clearing the ability to deliver fast results is even more critical because other equipment is usually right behind working on the next phase of the job. R Cedar has responded by buying the right equipment, performing attentive preventative maintenance, and equipping ourselves to complete corrective maintenance as quickly as possible.


Key equipment includes:


Barko Timber Mulcher

Barko Timber Mulcher

The Barko Timber Mulcher is very large piece of equipment operated by R Cedar. It is a specially built wheel loader with an eight-foot mulching head. Total horsepower is 350. The total weight is about 34,000 pounds.


This is a large piece of equipment with the power needed to rapidly turn any sized tree into mulch.


Watch a video of the Barko Timber Mulcher in action

Watch a video of the Barko mulching Piles





Tiger Cat Mulcher

The Tiger Cat is another brand of very large timber mulcher. It shares the same 350 horsepower diesel engine as the Barko and equipped with the same eight-foot mulching head.


From a customer perspective there is no difference between the Barko and the Tiger Cat.










R Cedar also owns and operates a variety of other pieces of equipment that help us deliver fast, efficient and cost-effective service. Some of these are pickup trucks for each operator that are equipped with the tools and supplies needed for daily maintenance. These trucks also carry a tank of off-road diesel fuel to refuel each machine daily. We operate our own "18-wheeler" haul truck to deliver the machines to each jobsite on our schedule and without delay. We operate a service truck and trailer that allow us to perform most maintenance and repair in the field from our own stock of parts, supplies and spares so that we can keep downtime to the absolute minimum.


Equipped to get the job done quickly  and efficiently!

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